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What is Kickshops?

Online shops can be secure, fast & usable. Kickshops wants to provide anybody the opportunity to sell products online as easy as possible.

With Kickshops you can launch your store online for Free. Optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop for shop owners and buyers.

Sell products online. Input in a few minutes, name, description and price, upload images and choose your payment methods.

Orders will be automatically sent as emails and can be marked as fulfilled.

How much does the Service cost?

In order to develop Kickshops further, we need to raise some fees. The fee is only 2% per product sold. E.g. if you sell, we get paid, if you don't sell, you don't pay anything. Easy.

How to accept Credit Cards?

Together with Stripe, we offer the easiest and fastest way to offer credit card payments for your customers.

Your customers don't need a Stripe account. They will stay during the payment on your store. No redirects! However, as a seller, you need to sign up for a Stripe account. If you don't have one yet, it is easy to set an account up during the Kickshops launch. More about Stripe.

How secure is Kickshops?

All transactions and data will be transmitted safely with https and 256-bit SSL encryption.

How many Products can be created?

Unlimited. Create as many products as you like.

How many Images per Product are allowed?

We did not define a maximum number for product images. But for reasons of performance, we recommend not to exceed 10 images per product.

When is the Shop online?

For a successfull launch you'll need the following:

As soon as you finished all the steps above you can click on the "Go Online" button.

What Currencies are accepted?

Normally payments will be accepted in only one currency. Most of the time this will be your local currency, i.e. the currency where you have your headquartes (e.g. GBP for UK and EUR for EURO-Region).

How does this work with tags?

You can give as many tags as possible to any product. Colours, materials, sizes, collections and/or other product attributes.

A category with an image will be shown automatically on your shops start page. Without a picture it is only visible in the Shop Menu. The description will be shown on the category page. A category is visible in the shop, if at least one product is associated with.

You can enter several tags for this product if you separate them by commas.

What is a Subdomain (Shop-Link)?

Every shop has its own address on Kickshops. Your shop is on You can choose which subdomain points to your store and you can change it at any time in the settings. The subdomain (Shop-Link) may differ from the shop name.

Upload your Logo and Cover Image

You can replace the shop name with your logo under Settings - Branding.

Even upload an image or graphic as a cover image for the shop homepage and checkout pages.

Product Status

How to format Product-, Category-, About- Description & Welcome Message?

If there is a detaild product description and you want to format it, you can use "Markdown" to do so.

Find more information on how to use Markdown here.

Value added tax (VAT)

If you have a VAT number you can save it in Settings - Legal. All product prices will be shown including VAT.

Shop Terms

Kickshops will give you a General Terms and Conditions (GTC) template. If you have your own GTC you can upload them in Settings - Legal.

bexio import help

If you have an bexio account, you can import products from bexio into Kickshops:

How to get Updates about Kickshops?

Follow us on Twitter @kickshops.

Need Help with your Account? Contact our Support.

Write us on Twitter @kickshops.

You can also send us an Email.