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It's super easy to open an online shop. Upload your products and accept various payment methods. Works with whatever device is in your pocket.
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Accept Payments – Easy & Elegant

Choose the payment methods which suits you best. Offer cash on delivery, prepayment (cash before delivery), payment by invoice, click & pick or credit cards. Your customers will input their credit card details directly & securely on the shop. They don’t have to leave your shop when checking out. No more redirects and lost customers.

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Save Time with Order E-Mails & Management

Whenever a customer completes a purchase, you and the customer get a confirmation email with the purchase details. All your orders are available online where you can manage and fulfill them.

Personalize Your Store

Add your own logo and cover image to your shop. Let customers know more about you on a dedicated about page. Add tags to your products & show them on your shops start page. Notify visitors of important updates such as absences, sales, and other important messages.

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Fast and Friendly on All Devices

Kickshops is the first shop that works on any device form end to end. Take pictures with your smart phone and add them to your products, manage orders on your tablet, or simply check your selling stats on your desktop. Your customers will be able to access your shop from their device of choice without getting slowed down. Reach more customers & make more sales.

Highly Secure

Kickshops uses industry-standard, highly secure 256-bit AES encryption not only during checkout, but on every single page. This is important in order to protect your customer’s and your own personal data.


Kickshops does not charge any recurring fees. We only charge a small commission for each successful transaction. That means, if you don’t sell, you don’t pay at all.


per transaction

  • No Recurring Fees or Subscription
  • No Shop Setup Fees
  • No Setup Fees for Accepting Credit Cards
  • Unlimited Products
  • Ad-Free
2% KickshopsAll yours*

*All credit card payments are subject to Stripe's additional charge of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

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Have a question? Take a look at the Support or give us a call. +41 (0)44 500 31 25.

Braendli  basel
Braendli  grogg
Kickshops is a very handy solution for a quick & free set-up of your online shop. You only pay a small commission when you actually sell.
Michael Grogg
Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung
Confiserie Brändli Basel
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Dino di fronzo
Offering our hearing aid accessory products online couldn't be easier.
Dino Di Fronzo
Audika AG
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Crossfade inner
For our film courses we wanted an easy & cost-effective online store. Furthermore Kickshops gives us & our clients a fun experience on all devices.
Gabriela Bosshard
Film maker
crossfade TV
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Braendli alex
We asked the Kickshops team if it would be possible to use our Corporate Design in the store. "Sure" they said. The setup went really smooth and fast.
Alexandra Brändli
Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung
Confiserie Brändli Aarau
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